Coastal cool

We now have COASTAL COOL,an innovative air conditioning enhancer that is a one time treatment that last the life of your car. When you jump into your car to run to the grocery store, in the summer , it takes forever for your car to cool down. It doesn’t have to anymore. Ask your Coastal Car Care technicians about COASTAL COOL.

cars & trucks start at $99.99



Would you like to save on gas because your A/C compressor isn’t running on high all the time?


Any Car,Truck or RV

Coastal Cool works on any Car Truck or RV. Starts at only $99.99.

Coastal Fresh

Coastal Fresh

We can treat your car with a sterilization product used in sterilizing operating rooms that kills germs, harmful bacteria, virus and odors. Then we treat the inside of your car with good environmental probiotics.